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Need of an Astrologer for Humans :

Planets were symbols of the gods and had the same terrestrial effects as their namesakes, which led to testable pairings of planets and gods.

There are 33 crore gods & goddesses in the whole universe.

     At the time of origin goddess came from 21 light years away from earth.

             After giving birth to a male child , she went away.

             She sent a ray of light in the form of his consort after reaching back to her              native place.


              When humanity started evolving the souls leaving planet earth were scattered                    all over the solar system.


                 The goddess provided them places of dwelling according to their tasks              which they had performed.

               They came to be known as 33 crore god according to the creator until she took        re-birth to search for her only son before providing re-birth to vashisht teacher for him.

            All of the souls are sequentially provided moksha or eternity and are replaced by those of great personalities from earth.


But ordinary people can't reach level of performing great deeds & social service.So they have to take re-birth on earth only.

Every individual's soul perform the journey back to earth according to his birth-chart of previous re-birth.

Every birth chart is different, and many astrological factors are to be assessed.


He can exploit the rewards of his/her good deeds of last re-birth which otherwise will be neutralized & become invain during process of passing present one without suggestions of a good Astrologer.